Kaspar, a DOP raised in the 90‘s, is now living in Berlin. As a student his film career started early by shooting extreme sports with friends, and producing his very own series that gained popularity in the scene. By the end of his school degree he was already working on his first scenic shorts and starting to travel the world as a steadicam and b-cam operator.

While working on several short film projects and commercials with mates of the Filmakademie Ludwigsburg he developed his real sense for visual storytelling and interesting lighting. After being a part of Jetpack Films for three years he had to move on and pursue his own way while working with many different production companies and directors.

Since then he has shot a high number of music videos, commercials, and documentaries around the globe. His work is always related to the narrative while taking his background in music videos and extreme sports and turning it into unique lighting and visual storytelling.

Kaspar has lived for filmmaking since his early days. This has resulted in working with clients such as Nike, Audi, Universal, Mercedes, Oakley, Adidas, O2, VW and CocaCola.

When he isn‘t shooting, Kaspar spends most of his time traveling, shooting real film, and enjoying pizza.



"Mister Spex" Director: SONDER
"Penny Weihnachtswünsche 2018" Director: Maximilian Niemann
"Mercedes EQC" Director: Chehad Abdallah
"Amazon Beat Promo Musicvideo" Director: Florian Röske
"Roger Federer & Mercedes X-Class" Director: Lars Timmermann
"Alligatoah Live" Director: Chehad Abdallah
"Microspot" Director: Tim Löhr
"Timberland Lisbon" Director: Chehad Abdallah
"Telekom Sport - Four Elements" Director: Florian Röske
"MC Unser Service" Director: Carlo Oppermann
"The Opera - Weapon MV" Director: Chehad Abdallah
"Adidas Pure Boost" Director: Kaspar Hornikel
"Deichmann" Director: Robin Polak
"Lufthansa Regrets" Director: Carlo Oppermann
"The Opera Weapons" Director: Chehad Abdallah
"ZDF Ostern" Director: Carlo Oppermann


"Polegirl" Shortfilm Director: Korbinian Dufter
"ON Running Remixed (Monaco)" Director: Lars Timmermann
"Mercedes The Race of Life" Director: Yannik Fauth

"Sido x Savas - Royal Bunker" Director: Chehad Abdallah
"Casper - Keine Angst" Director: Carlo Oppermann & Christian Alsan
"ON-Running - Javier Gomez" Director: Lars Timmermann

"Adidas - Boost DPR" Director: Chehad Abdallah
"Panasonic GX-80 TVC" Director: Felix Urbauer
"Six Seconds" Director: Matthias Thönissen
"Lukas Rieger - Side by Side" Director: Kaspar Hornikel
"Camel Active - Canada 2018" Director: Felix Urbauer
"Gallery M TVC" Director: Zoran Bihac
"Porsche 911 Gold" Director: David Maurer
"Sodastream - Time to Say Goodbye TVC" Director: Carlo Oppermann


„Camel Active Hawaii" Director: Felix Urbauer
„Ibis Hotel - Travel Hard“ Director: Carlo Oppermann
„VW Polo x Beats“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„Coca Cola - Chicharito“ Director: Gonzalo Oilviero
„Teufel - #raceheart AUDI“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„Tim Bendzko - Keine Maschine“ Director: Lars Timmermann
„Lukas Rieger - Elevate“ Director: Lars Timmermann
„Fargo - Einfach Sein“ Director: Sander Houtkrujer
„New District - AGM“ Director: Massimiliano Laier
„Penny - Weihnachtswunder“ Director: Maximilian Niemann
„Samsung S6 - Epic Wish" Director: Felix Urbauer


„Bosch E-Bike Commercial“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„Oakley Koston x Latch“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„Prinz Pi - Im Westen Nichts Neues“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„Johannes Oerding Live“ Director: Maximilian Niemann
„Johannes Oerding - Wenn Du Lebst“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„Kenay - Mittelmeer“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„Vanessa Mai - IADF“ Director: Felix Urbauer


„Fritt - MC Fitti TVC“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„Johannes Oerding - Alles Brennt“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„Kontra K - Erfolg ist kein Glück“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„Robin Schulz - Willst Du“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„O2 - Viral“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„TT&B - Hier Mit Dir“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„MC Fitti - Einhorn Fang“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„Bernhard Frei - One Day“ Director: Kaspar Hornikel
„Hardbrakers - LIVE FAST RIDE FASTER“ Director: Kaspar Hornikel

STEADICAM (excerpt):

„Penny TVC 2017" Director: Maximilian Niemann
„Sky - Elyas M‘barek“ Director: Bora Dagtekin
„Penny - Danke 2.0“ Director: Maximilian Niemann
„Besonders Normal -FilmAK" Director: Antoine Dengler
„KontraK - An Deiner Seite" Director: Maximilian Niemann
„Filling the Shoes - FilmAK" Director: Sascha Vredenburg
„Nike - Robert Lewandowski“ Director: Steve Jasmison
„Loreal Olia 2015“ Director: Maximilian Niemann
„VW Polo x Beats“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„Beats x FC Bayern“ Director: Myles Desenburg
„Nike Boateng & Götze“ Director: Steve Jamison
„Allianz - Arjen Robben“ Director: Augusto De Fraga
„Sony Xperia“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„Larsito - Am Leben“ Director: Pierre Castillo Bernad
„Vanessa Mai - IADF“ Director: Felix Urbauer
„FCB Spielervorstellung 2015“ Director: Maximilian Niemann
„Aldi - Einfach Sein“ Director: Sander Houtkrujer
„Johannes Oerding LIVE“ Director: Maximilian Niemann